What’s in Your Purse Baby Shower Game: The Ultimate Fun Guide!

Discover the delight of the What’s in Your Purse Baby Shower Game, the perfect ice-breaker to ensure laughter and connection at your next baby shower. This simple yet entertaining game turns the contents of your guests’ purses into a treasure hunt of fun, promising a memorable experience for everyone involved.

Chatting about the unique findings and sharing stories behind quirky purse contents brings a whole new level of personal connection to the party. The What’s in Your Purse Baby Shower Game isn’t just an icebreaker; it’s a snapshot of personality and lifestyle, celebrating the individual quirks that make each guest special.


Game Overview

The game is straightforward, requires minimal setup, and always brings out plenty of giggles. The premise is simple: each participant gets a checklist of common and not-so-common items that might be found in a purse. From everyday essentials like keys and lip balm to the more whimsical or unexpected like a toy car or a foreign coin, everyone gets to revel in the treasure hunt. Tallying up points for each item found turns this amusing quest into a friendly competition, with the highest scorer often rewarded with a fun prize. Let’s dig into the key components of the game.


The primary goal is to uncover the interesting and unexpected items that guests carry in their purses. Points are earned for each item found on the game list, with some items scoring higher than others. The person with the most points at the end is the winner.


  • Participants: All guests with a purse or bag.
  • Preparation: Distribute the printed game sheets to each participant.
  • Gameplay:
    • Each player reviews the list of items on their sheet.
    • Guests check their purses for these items and mark them off.
    • Some items might carry bonus points due to rarity or relevance to baby care.
  • Winning: Tally up the points. The highest score wins.


Typically, the game lasts about 10-15 minutes. This ensures everyone has ample time to go through their purses without letting the game overtake other party activities.


When it comes to hosting the What’s in Your Purse Baby Shower Game, having everything prepared is key to ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience for all your guests.

What’s in Your Purse Baby Shower Game Printable
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Materials Needed

  • Printed Game Cards: Download and print enough game cards for each guest. Opting for cardstock paper makes the cards easier to handle.
  • Pencils or Pens: One for each participant to mark off items they have in their purse.
  • Prizes: It’s a good idea to have small gifts or tokens for the winners.
  • Timer: Use a stopwatch or smartphone to time the game activity.

Playing the Game

Before we dive into the What’s in your Purse Baby Shower Game, let me share a bit about how to play. It’s a simple and interactive game that entertains guests and sparks laughter, as they explore the odd and endearing items they carry in their purses.

Starting the Game

To begin, I distribute the game sheets to each guest. Ensuring everyone has a pen, I explain the game’s objective and how to mark off the items they find. It’s important to set a time limit – I typically opt for about 5-10 minutes, which keeps the energy high and the game pacey.

Items in the Purse

The items listed on the game sheets vary. Some are everyday things like keys or lip balm, while others are more random, like a toy car or a cork. I always chuckle when someone actually has one of the more uncommon items – it’s part of the fun!

Scoring System

Scoring is straightforward. Each item on the list has a point value, and guests tally their points based on what they have in their purses. The person with the highest score wins.

What’s in Your Purse Baby Shower Game Printable
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Remember, the ultimate goal is enjoyment, so I keep the atmosphere light and the scoring breezy.

Variations of What’s in Your Phone

I’ve always found that the What’s in Your Purse Baby Shower Game brings a delightful twist to the celebration. However, even classics can be refreshed with a little creativity. Let’s explore how!

Team Up

Instead of playing alone, split your guests up into teams of 2-4 players and have them go through their purses. Have them mark the items found in any team members purse on the team point sheet. The team with the most points wins. This way more points can be earned.

Alternative Item Lists

Creating an alternative list can cater to different interests and age groups attending the baby shower. For instance, you might include tech gadgets for a contemporary twist or nostalgic items for a retro feel. You could also adjust the difficulty level by adding more uncommon items to enhance the challenge, turning the hunt into an even more engaging affair. An alternative list might look something like this:

  • Tech Gadgets: Smartphone charger
  • Nostalgic Items: Cassette tape
  • Rare Finds: A foreign coin
  • Baby-Related: Diaper samples

What’s in Your Phone Baby Shower Game

The What’s in Your Phone baby shower game is a modern twist on the classic What’s in Your Purse, where guests score points for having specific items or apps on their smartphones. For instance, you might earn points for having the Pinterest app or the event date saved in your calendar. It’s a playful competition that gets everyone to rummage through their digital carryall, with the highest scorer crowned the winner. For a quick start, you can find a variety of free printable game cards to distribute among your guests.

What’s in Your Purse Baby Shower Game What's in your phone
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Themed Variants

Themed baby showers are a joy to plan, and integrating a themed variant of what’s in your purse can amplify the experience. If you’re celebrating a new bundle of joy, you could tailor the game to the baby’s nursery theme. Hosting a safari nursery theme? Ask for a zoo animal keychain or a picture of a baby animal. Throwing a princess-themed party? Look for a tiara or a piece of costume jewelry. The themed tie-ins are not only fun but help create a completely immersive environment for your guests.

My Experience with What’s in Your Purse

I remember playing the What’s in Your Purse game at my sister’s baby shower, and it was an absolute hoot! Everyone was giggling as we rummaged through our bags, finding items that we didn’t even remember stashing away. I was surprised at how competitive it got, with each guest eagerly tallying their points, hoping they had the most obscure item to score big. I had a half-used lip balm and a crumpled grocery list, which earned me a few points, but it was my friend’s miniature sewing kit that stole the show. She seemed prepared for any fashion emergency! It was a delightful way to break the ice and get to know each other better. Plus, it was a refreshing change from the more traditional games, adding a touch of modernity and personal flair to the event. The game was a highlight of the day and left us with funny anecdotes to reminisce about long after the baby shower was over.

Prize Ideas

Tailor to Your Audience: When I select prizes, I consider the interests and preferences of my guests. A universally appealing prize might be a luxury hand cream or a gift card to a local café or online store.

Get Creative: Sometimes, I like to offer a themed prize that matches the baby shower theme. For instance, if it’s a garden-themed baby shower, a small potted plant or a seed kit can be a delightful prize that carries the theme beyond the event.

FAQ – What’s in Your Purse Baby Shower Game

How do you play what’s in your purse baby shower game?

In “What’s in Your Purse” baby shower game, guests list items found in their purses for points. Common items earn standard points, while unique ones earn more. Winner has the most points.

What is in my purse game list?

Common items in the “What’s in My Purse” game include: wallet, keys, phone, lipstick, pen, tissues, gum, hand sanitizer, sunglasses, and receipts. Unique items like a hairbrush, nail file, or a snack can earn extra points.

What are your experiences with What’s in Your Purse Baby Shower Game? Share your funniest anecdote in the comments.

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