Prizes for Baby Shower Games: Rewards for Fun Times in 2024

Welcoming a new baby is an exciting time for everyone involved, and a baby shower is a perfect way to celebrate. I always find that the heart of any great baby shower lies not just in the adorable decorations or the thoughtful baby shower invitations, but in the fun and laughter shared over games and activities. Baby shower games are a great opportunity to get your guests to mingle in a low stakes way. And handing out prizes for baby shower games, motivates guests (maybe even the shy ones) to participate and it makes the competition even more fun.

Colourful cupcakes and cake pops at a baby shower

Finding prizes that are desirable yet budget-friendly can be a challenge, but with a little imagination, I’ve seen how they can add an extra layer of joy to the day’s festivities. From personalized keepsakes to indulgent treats, the prizes you choose can make your baby shower even more memorable.

Planning Your Baby Shower Prize Strategy

When I’m gearing up for a baby shower, my main goal is to make sure everyone has a blast, and the prizes for baby shower games are a huge part of that. With a bit of planning, you can guarantee that your prizes are not only fun and enjoyable but also stay within your budget.

Budget Considerations

Planning baby shower prizes doesn’t mean breaking the bank. It’s all about setting a baby shower budget that’s manageable for you. Consider affordable or even inexpensive baby shower prizes that are still delightful. I find it useful to allocate a specific amount for each prize, usually no more than $5-$10 each, while still ensuring that I’m picking some of the best baby shower game prizes that my guests will appreciate. Also consider that a nice gift basket or gift bag can elevate any gift.

Prize Categories

Diversity is key when it comes to prize categories. You want a mix of unique baby shower prizes, raffle prizes, and even door prizes to keep things interesting. Opt for items like DIY kits, self-care products, and cute home accessories. I always aim to choose gifts that are both charming and functional.

Paper gift bags for prizes for baby shower games

Determining Prize Quantity

The number of guests on your guest list will dictate the quantity of prizes you need. The rule of thumb I follow is to have a prize for at least every fourth guest so that multiple people have a chance to win. For larger showers, consider having several inexpensive, small items or multiple prizes for different activities to keep everyone’s spirits high. Remember, a well-thought-out prize strategy can take your baby shower from fun to unforgettable.

Creative Baby Shower Prize Ideas

I know how much effort goes into planning a baby shower, so when it comes to prizes for baby shower games, you want them to be memorable! Everyone loves a dash of creativity, and with a few unique touches, you can make sure your guests are thrilled.

Themed Prizes Aligned With the Baby Shower

  • Align with Your Theme: If you’re throwing a nautical-themed baby shower, consider beach day essentials as prizes. Pack a beach bag with a plush towel, tumbler, and flip-flops for a prize that’s both thematic and practical. For a Princess Theme Baby Shower, pack your prizes into a crown.
  • Taylor Swift: Prizes for a baby shower themed after the pop icon can be as stylish and fun as Taylor herself. Consider gifting eras-inspired prizes: a bold lipstick for the “Red” era, chic sunglasses for the “1989” era or a cozy blanket for the “evermore” era.
  • Home & Garden: For a more general theme, home and garden prizes are always a hit. An essential oil diffuser not only provides delightful scents but also adds to home décor, making it a fantastic prize option.

DIY Prize Options

  • Craft a Kit: Encourage creativity by giving out a DIY terrarium kit, which allows your guests to craft their own mini garden oasis. These kits often include succulents, cute containers, and soil – a delightful project that doubles as a prize.
  • Personal Care Sets: Whip up a batch of hand lotion or a lip balm set for a personal touch. Homemade personal care items show thoughtfulness, and they’re perfect for guests to pamper themselves post-party. You can even customize the packaging for a personal touch.
Gift basket with personal care set

Popular Prizes for Everyone

When planning prizes for baby shower games, it’s important to consider items that are universally appealing and cherished by all guests. Here’s how you can elevate the fun with some well-thought-out prize choices.

Gender-Neutral Prizes

For coed baby showers, scented candles appeal to everyone’s love of a soothing atmosphere. Candles and bath bombs are perfect for encouraging relaxation, while picture frames provide a sentimental touch, allowing guests to display memories close to their heart. Alternatively, tumblers are a functional gift enjoyed by guests who are always on the go!

Age-Appropriate Selections

For older guests, consider sophisticated options like a tea sampler or a curated chocolate set to tantalize their taste buds. Bath salts and essential oils serve as an invitation to unwind. Younger participants might appreciate trendy knotted headbands or lip gloss. Gift cards and movie night gift baskets are versatile choices cut out for all ages, ensuring your prizes for baby shower games are absolute hits.

Premium Baby Shower Prizes

When I think about prizes for baby shower games, my mind always celebrates the special touches that make guests feel truly appreciated. Imagine gifting something that has the charm to evoke a sense of luxury and indulgence. That’s what premium prizes are all about.

High-Value Prize Ideas

For those guests who emerge victorious in the baby shower games, I love to suggest gift baskets brimming with goodies. Picture a beautifully arranged spa gift basket, complete with soothing essential oils, luxurious lotions, and soft towels—it’s like delivering a pampering session right to their doorstep.

Another exquisite option is to opt for a bottle of wine paired with elegant wine glasses. It’s a classy way to say ‘cheers’ to their win, plus it offers a perfect excuse for a relaxing evening at home. If one bottle feels too modest, curate a selection of bottles of wine that could delight any connoisseur.

For those who appreciate a flutter of excitement, tucked-in lottery tickets might just turn their little victory into a grand one. It’s a thrilling addition to the prize pool that carries the promise of possibility.

Adorning your prize selection with items like a sterling silver statement necklace for a touch of opulence, or high-quality photo frames to cherish memories, can add a personal and high-end touch that’s bound to leave a lasting impression.

And let’s not forget, whether it’s a game of guessing the baby’s weight or getting the most baby songs right, turning these gaming victories into moments of extra celebration with these premium treats will make for an unforgettable baby shower experience.

Designing Fun and Engaging Baby Shower Games

When I think about baby shower games, I always aim for laughter and memorable moments. But what elevates these games are the prizes for baby shower games that guests can win, making the competition all the more thrilling.

Sweets bar with donuts and balloons.

Innovative Game Concepts

I love getting creative with baby shower game ideas. Think beyond the traditional ‘Guess the Baby Food’—why not shake things up with a sangria kit for a crafting challenge? Or perhaps a gardening game where the fastest to pot a plant gets a manicure set. For those with a sweet tooth, a cookie decorating contest can end with a coffee mug full of sweet treats as the prize.

  • Unique Challenge: Crafting a mini terrarium—winner takes home their creation plus a garden prize.
  • Popular Activity: A baby-themed quiz with gift cards as the head-turning reward.

Virtual Baby Shower Challenges

Virtual baby showers can be just as engaging! I’ve designed challenges where guests can send in photos of their best diaper cake, with winners receiving a lovely giftcard for their local bakery. Alternately, an online guessing game or a baby-themed Pictionary can have rare prizes like custom jewelry or unique gifts delivered right to the winner’s door.

  • Fun Gift Idea: Customized prizes for virtual game winners, such as digital portraits.
  • Garden Prizes: Local nursery e-gift cards for the green-thumbed participants.

By centering the joy in both the games and their prizes, we can craft baby shower experiences that are unforgettable.

FAQ – Prizes for Baby Shower Games

What should prizes be for a baby shower game?

Prizes for baby shower games should typically align with the theme of the event and be relevant to expectant parents or babies. Consider items like scented candles, small gift baskets, or care products such as lotions or lip balm. Personalized items or handmade crafts can also add a thoughtful touch.

How much should I spend on a baby shower prize?

The amount you spend on a baby shower prize can vary depending on your budget and the number of prizes you plan to offer. Typically, small prizes range from $5 to $20 each. Consider the overall expenses of the event and aim to provide prizes that are thoughtful and appreciated by the winners without breaking the bank.

Do you wrap baby shower prizes?

Wrapping baby shower prizes is not always necessary, but it can add a nice touch and make the presentation more festive. Consider wrapping them in colorful paper or placing them in decorative gift bags or boxes. Also more creative wrapping ideas like filling a tumbler or mugs can be considered. This adds to the excitement and anticipation for the winners. However, if you’re short on time or resources, simply presenting the prizes neatly can also be appreciated.

How many games should be played at a baby shower?

The number of games played at a baby shower can vary depending on factors such as the duration of the event, the preferences of the guests, and the overall theme and tone of the celebration. Generally, aim for 2-4 games to keep the event engaging without overwhelming attendees. It’s essential to balance game time with other activities such as socializing, gift opening, and refreshments to ensure everyone has an enjoyable experience.

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